Bob Dylan’s thoughtfully written song lyrics over a perfect guitar melody – ART.

Andy Warhol’s revolutionary silk-screening over stretched canvas – ART.

Michael Jackson’s gravity-defying dance moves over thrilling percussion tracks – ART.

Art is expression. Art is manifesting emotion. Art is open to interpretation.

When Robin Lynette approaches her subjects, she combines technique with vision and imagination. She creates, and she recreates. She defines, and she refines. She takes life’s most delicate canvas; and with graceful brush strokes, shading and contouring, she applies cosmetics that enhance beauty and foster confidence.

Robin Lynette is an artist.

Over the past 6 years, the South Jersey born, Philadelphia based artist has become recognized as one of the cosmetic industry’s most promising rising talents. Her passion for the craft and vibrant personality form the foundation for her professional success. A truly eclectic figure, Robin’s style combines her genuine appreciation of history, with her deep attraction to emerging industry trends. She is influenced by fashion, music and cultural diversity – both of today, and that of years past. Perhaps this is why Robin’s client portfolio has covered such a broad spectrum of artists, entertainers and politicians – from Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child to David Guetta, and from Adrienne Bailon to The Mayor of Philadelphia- Michael Nutter. Robin’s work has allowed her to travel throughout and outside of the United States to places like Nigeria and London.

Robin has come a long way from the childhood days of preparing her makeup for ballet, modeling and acting auditions. She has forged her place in the cosmetics world, earned the respect of her peers, and become regarded as an industry tastemaker across social media channels, and on her website – www.robinlynette.com.

Still, like all of history’s great artists, Robin remains ambitious with unrelenting creative vision. She wants to continue to travel the world doing what she loves. She wants to influence and inspire those that follow her. She wants to go beyond limits with her work in every way possible.

Robin wants her legacy to parallel the exceptional work her favorite artistic pioneers – Pat McGrath, Alex Box, and Rick Baker. This mission may lead her to major television and film sets, or behind the scenes for high-fashion shoots – all of which she is surely to make an impact.  While her potential may know no boundaries, much of what she does can be defined in one word.

Robin Lynette’s bold story and extraordinary work on the human canvas – ART.


Robin is a professional makeup artist based in Philadelphia and servicing New Jersey, New York & Los Angeles. Specializing in beauty, fashion, wedding, special event and commercial makeup artistry.